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8Bitdo Zero GamePad mini mando



8Bitdo Zero GamePad mini mando

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8Bitdo Zero GamePad

Este mando solo funciona con cable solo bluetooth

Zero does not support firmware upgrade and also can not be a wired gamepad, only support bluetooth connecting.


For Android/iOS/Window/Mac/OS

Platform          Mode               Power ON                                Note

Android           gamepad          START                                   Android games and emulators

iOS                  iCade                 START+A                             game list:http://icade.8bitdo.com

OSX                 keyboard         START+B                              Such as:openEmu.

Windows        Joystick             Start+R                                  support Multiplayer

                         Shutter               SELECT                              Shutter


Note:If asked non"0000"pairing code,hold SELECT 3s to delete pairing info.




input:Micro-USB 2.0 5V 1A(MAX) 


SELECT:hold 2s POWER ON,shutter mode  


START:Hold 2s to power ON/OFF    

Other features:
  • Can not support firmware upgrade
  • Can not be a wire gamepad
Package inclueded:
  • Zero gamepad x1
  • USB cable x1

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8Bitdo Zero GamePad mini mando

8Bitdo Zero GamePad mini mando

8Bitdo Zero GamePad mini mando