Your conditions of sale


Our new products have between 6 months and 1 year warranty, see description in each advertisement
30 days trial and warranty of our store, the rest of the warranty is covered by the manufacturers


Our used and second-hand products have 30 days trial of our store, the customer can return
Items within the delivery period within 30 days after receipt of the items, if the second-hand items
have guarantee of our store (read description of the ad in each case) if so indicated by the description of the article the guarantee
it is covered by our store within the deadline estimated in each article.

In any of the two previous cases the customer can return their items within 7 days of testing, this guarantee
It is the trust test of neotienda. (Read general conditions). For returns.

Shipments and payments:

Secure payment through our virtual tpv (debit or credit card) or through the PAYPAL gateway, the payment method
it is easy to use just select the payment method in a single click, in the money returns Neotienda will return
the money by the same method as the customer has purchased the item if it is by paypal the amount will be returned to your paypal account
If the customer paid for their purchases with our virtual TPV, the money will be returned directly to your card.

To see the shipping time to each country you just have to see it in each carrier that works with us, select in your
buy the carrier that best suits you.

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