ZX Dandanator. Mini 2018 spectrum

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ZX Dandanator. Mini 2018 spectrum

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Zx Dandanator mini DUAL new version
Features :
- SMIT technology which reduces the space occupied by the components and allows to include
An additional flash memory to double the capacity (1M vs. 512K of the original version)
- Flash selectable by jumper
- PCB same size as the original version

Characteristics :

• Provides 512k of instant access memory to develop advanced multilevel games offering a "console-like" experience.
• Instantly loads programs / 128k / 48k / ROM games selected through a menu in the Spectrum.
• Games / programs can be changed from the Spectrum itself without the need for additional hardware through audio or a serial connection.
They can also be updated using a divide / divmmc.
• As of version 2.0 the ZX Dandanator Mini! includes a kempston joystick interface.
• Lets you compress the games to fit more (up to 18 of 48k or 8-9 of 128k)
• Works without jumpers or configuration in any Spectrum from a 48k to a +3, in addition to the Harlequin,
Timex 2048, Timex 2068, Inves Spectrum, TK90 / TK95 and Just Speccy 128 (with DivSD disabled)
• It supports images in SNA and Z80 format of 48k and 128k compressed and uncompressed and also 16k ROM images. Also TAP files.
• Allows you to select pokes of a library compatible with the .POK format
• You can "freeze" the presentation screens at the beginning for our enjoyment.
• Incorporates an EDGE connector extension
• It remains deactivated when it is not in use and does not interfere with other SW or peripherals.
• Offers a software of creation, management and transfer of "romsets" of games for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
• Supported in the ZesarUX emulator in version 4.2 and in the new version of Es.pectrum
• It becomes a "Hard Disk" CP / M with auto-start and + 460Kb of storage space for models + 2A / B and +3
• Incorporates a button to pause the program that is running. PT: O Dandanator! Mini é um small jewel cartridge for ZX Spectrum.
O external memory cartridge compatible with Edge Port of ZX Spectrum, based on EEPROM, and allows the distribution of jogos in "cartridge" mode,
Carrying all jogos in an "instant" way. Supports or SNA e Z80 format. All or your content can be upgraded from your own plate by traveling to additional hardware.
It supports update updates through audio port, Série-Kempston or DivIDE / DivMMC. version 2.0included a Kempston joystick interface.
supports 128k games, or Dandanator allows support for resources such as:
compression to support more ROMS, POKES, diagnostic ROM / test, etc ..

Compatible and tested on the following equipment:

• Spectrum 16k - Tested by Dandare. The test rom works.
• Spectrum 48k - Tested by Dandare in Issue2, Issue3, Issue4.
• Spectrum 48k + - Tested by Dandare in Issue 6
• Spectrum 128 "Toastrack" - Tested by carmeloco (VaDeRetro)
• Spectrum +2 "gray" - Tested by shikitin (VaDeRetro)
• Spectrum + 2a / b -. Tested by Dandare
• Spectrum +3 - Tested by Dandare
• Inves Spectrum - Tested by César Hernández Baño (Author of ZesarUX) - Please disconnect the kempston interface of dandanator.
• Harlequin Rev. D - Tested by alt (Testzone)
• Harlequin Rev. F - Tested by sinclair200 (VaDeRetro) • Harlequin Rev. G - Tested by Dandare
• MicroDigital TK90 - Tested by jltursan (RetroWiki) • MicroDigital TK95 - Tested by jltursan (RetroWiki)
• Timex Sinclair 2048 - Tested by alt (Testzone) • Timex Sinclair 2068 - Tested by ron (RetroWiki)
• Just Speccy 128k - Tested by balford (WorldOfSpectrum). The internal DivSD must be deactivated.
• CZ Spect