Dandanator CPC Elite

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Dandanator Elite Amstrad CPC
New Dandanator removable cartridge format which allows you to put and remove games, you can now record
your favorite games on a Mini cartridge in GBA format, Burn your own games, Print
personalized labels, and present your game in physical format, Discover the new Dandanator cpc ELITE
Compatible with all CPC 64 and 128 K Plus models with adapter not included
Characteristics :
- SMD technology
- High quality 3d Plastic box
- Gba Format slot connector Precision adjusts the cartridge without gaps

- 512k cartridge In new GBA format

- High quality materials Guaranteed

The color of the plastic shell may be different, it is sent random color according to stock

Package content

1 x Dandanator Elite

1 x Game card, 512K memory

  • Offers 512k of instant access memory for developing advanced multi-level games offering a “console-like” experience.
    • Instantly load selected 128k / 48k / ROM Programs / Games via menu on Amstrad CPC
    • Games / programs can be changed from the CPC itself without the need for additional hardware via USB.
    • Allows you to compress games to fit more on the cartridge.
    • Works without jumpers or configuration on any CPC 464, 664, 6128, 464+ and 6128+ with adapter.
    • Supports images in SNA, CDT and DSK format (under test). It does not support multi-load games.
    • Allows you to select pokes from a WinApe compatible library or enter them manually.
    • You can “freeze” the splash screens at startup for our enjoyment.
    • Offers software for creating, managing and transferring game romsets for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
    • Supported in RetroVirtualMachine, Arnold and zesarux emulators
    • Test Rom by McLeod Ideafix
    • Public domain project


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Dandanator CPC Elite

Dandanator CPC Elite

available shipping in 24 hours