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    • Offers 512k of instant access memory for developing advanced multi-level games offering a “console-like” experience.

    • Instantly load selected 128k / 48k / ROM Programs / Games via menu on Amstrad CPC

    • Games / programs can be changed from the CPC itself without the need for additional hardware via USB.

    • Allows you to compress games to fit more on the cartridge.

    • Works without jumpers or configuration on any CPC 464, 664, 6128, 464+ and 6128+ with adapter.

    • Supports images in SNA, CDT and DSK format (under test). It does not support multi-load games.

    • Allows you to select pokes from a WinApe compatible library or enter them manually.

    • You can “freeze” the splash screens at startup for our enjoyment.

    • Offers software for creating, managing and transferring game romsets for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

    • You can load games directly from the PC without burning them to the cartridge

    • Supported in RetroVirtualMachine, Arnold and ZesarUX emulators

    • Test Rom by McLeod Ideafix

    • Public domain project