Dandanator Elite+, Amstrad CPC. Compatible con DES

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+ New Dandanator CPC Elite

 +Introducing the New Dandanator CPC Elite

 +improved version of our popular Dandanator CPC Elite

This new model completely changes the aesthetics of the product, as you can see it is much more "collected" with a more modern and professional appearance.
In addition, together with the device, we launched the new cartridges with a 3" disc appearance, paying homage to our beloved Amstrad CPC 6128.


.- 512k internal memory selectable by switch.
.- Possibility of using exclusive cartridges to save your compilations without having to continuously rewrite the internal memory.
.- Create your own physical editions.
.-Load instantly through menu.
.-Updatable from PC
.- Direct operation, without the need to configure jumpers.
.- Supports SNA, CDT and DSK roms
.- Allows you to select “Pokes”
.- Possibility to freeze the presentation screens.
.-Load games directly from your PC without saving them on the Dandanator.
.- Includes test rom.
.- Downloadable user manual from our website.
Our thanks to Dandare, Mad3001 and OverCLK developers of the original CPC Dandanator project! Mini, from which we have started to develop this second version of our existing Dandanator Elite+.
Visit their website www.dandare.es to download software and get to know the project in depth.


GBA Cartridges or DES Version Sticker on the back


The Cartridge design Floppy disk sticker on the front