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          New Version v2

         Rancanuo Team presents the new Dandanator Multiply+
Now Version With BOX 3D


Now your Zx Dandanator with an SD card, so you can save the entire collection of software for your Zx Spectrum on it and access the programs with a simple and intuitive interface.
With the new Dandanator Multiply+ you are no longer limited to using the roms that fit on the flash memory of your Dandanator mini or mini dual, but now you can have all the software on a high capacity sd card and run them from the multiply GUI.
:How does it work

Once connected to your spectrum, it works like a normal Dandanator*, except that among the different roms that appear on the main screen you will see that there is one called "Launch multiply" which is the one that gives access to the SD card and its directories .


   The graphical interface Shows the loading screen in games that have a loading screen
   Files support long names
   The multiply Allows you to use the loader and send complete roms to the dandanator
   It is tested and works on all original spectrum models and some clones like the harlequin, omni.
   Spectrum 48 clone inves.
   Supports large cards larger than 64 GB formatted in fat 32
   The multiply can be disabled with a simple jumper at any time
   It works perfectly with other peripherals like zx-vga-joy but it is necessary to disable the keptston interface
   of the zx-vga-joy and set it as low power

    Download the user guide for the new Dandanator Multiply+ from the web:
                        (at the bottom of this page in the download section)
  *If you don't know how a normal Zx Dandanator works, take a look at the following link.
Manual ZXDDTMini (dandare.es)

:Notes and thanks

- ZX dandanator Multiply+ is a project developed from version 2.1B of Dandanator mini and its addon multiply.
- ZX dandanator Multiply+ is a product authorized by the creators of the original project, Dandare, Mad3001 and OverCLK, so it enjoys the necessary permission for its manufacture and sale by the Rancanuo Team, which thanks from this paragraph for supporting the development of the project .
.- Multiply+ is protected under a Creative Commons license, so its manufacture for sale to third parties is TOTALLY PROHIBITED. It is a free project only for your use and enjoyment.

:Website of the creators of the original project

Link to the Multiply+ project publication:
Rancanuo/Dandanator-Multiply-Plus (github.com)
Link to the license that protects the original project and the new Multiply+: