Enhanced Gotek Interna para Amstrad CPC y Spectrum +3

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Gotek with support to mount it as internal in your Amstrad CPC computer, replacing the original drive. With OLED display, rotary encoder and buzzer.

The Gotek disc simulator unit together with its 3D printing support form an ideal set to use in those Amstrad computers in which the original disc unit has stopped working or we do not have 3-discs in good condition.

The support includes a piece to hold the whole assembly with the screws in the original location of the computer. No need to drill holes or use glue to fix the unit.

In addition, enhanced gotek is a massive support that allows you to use the games directly on the computer, we just have to copy them to the usb drive and start playing. Can you imagine all the Amstrad discs that you can put on an 8gb flash drive? I don't think you have time to try them all

Use all the software available for your Amstrad computer without complications:

     Copy to usb flash drive from your PC
     Connect to the enhanced gotek
     Enjoy playing with your Amstrad CPC